Monday, November 3, 2008

Is Bridezilla Really The Way To Go?

Ask yourself is being a Bridezilla beneficial to anyone? In the age of all the wedding reality shows, I have noticed a change in the attitude of brides. In my entire career I have never seen such behavior as what is now taking place. The phrase my day has been taken to an all-new level. Brides lets remember the basis for the wedding. It is meant to be a celebration of the union of two people. Have you ever associated celebration with misery? I think not. Attitude is everything. I have seen several brides miss out on extras based on their behavior. A wedding vendor is more apt to be more accommodating to a bride with a pleasant attitude than the opposite. Your bridal party is more likely to participate whole heartily when they are being treated with respect. Your family will enjoy your day and have fond memories if they are not being thrown under the bus. Lets start respecting the feelings of others. Would you rather have people smile with delight or cringe when you enter the room? The choice is yours.