Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wedding Draft Day

As we embark upon the NFL draft I couldn’t resist comparing it to lessons we can learn in wedding planning…

Assemble Front Office: Every NFL franchise has a front office staff to aide them in personnel decisions. You have your scouts to help find the talent, a general manager to compile the scout’s info and make final decisions. Lastly you have your attorneys and various managers to attend to the financial side of compensating the talent without going over the salary cap. The lesson to be learned is to assemble a good front office to assure that you are finding and managing the best talent within your budget. An experienced wedding planner is the best alternative to handle your front office duties.

Assess Team Needs: Now that you have assembled a good front office, you need to assess the team needs. What do you need for your wedding? Lesson to be learned is do your research, be prepared and know what you want.

Draft Board: NFL teams always have a draft board. After assessing your wedding needs, make your draft board. List all your needs and wants then put a value to them. Lesson learned; the old saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Poker Face: This time of year you don’t get very much information out of an NFL General Manager about the talent the team is interested in acquiring. Over-sharing the details of your wedding can lead to false expectations, resentment and drama. The lesson to be learned is share little about your wedding décor and activities. Let your guests be wowed. Exceed their expectations.

Trades: NFL teams stay true to their boards, but if they see a good opportunity they take action. Lesson to be learned is don’t be so rigid that your miss out on great things. If you see some wonderful talent that would make your wedding all you ever dreamed of, don’t be afraid to make some trades to get it. Don’t let a few dollars be the deal breaker on choosing your ideal talent. Make a trade; move up in the draft!

Now that you have put in the work and assembled your draft class, present them to the fan base. Let the games begin…

Photo compliments of Bleacher Report

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Do Brunch 2013

At last I had the pleasure of attending the I Do Bunch. The brunch was held at the BWI Marriot which was perfect for the event, and the accommodations were quite pleasant. The event was fabulous! Being a guest at an event is an experience every planner should take advantage of. The atmosphere was just phenomenal. Who would have thought a room full of planners would be so inviting? I made some wonderful new friends, which I am looking forward to future communications. The décor was inspiring, and the food (oh the bacon) was scrumptious. A multitude of kudos to our gracious hostess Linnyette Richardson-Hall for all of your hard work and hospitality that made this event an absolute success. I am looking forward to attending again!

Take a look at some of the stunning table designs at the event…