Sunday, April 25, 2010

Toast of the Town

Over the years I’ve heard some really great toasts and some really bad ones. What determines a good toast? What determines a really bad one? There is no carved in stone way to give a toast however keep in mind some of the following:

Speak from the heart

Do not disclose personal embarrassing information

Never refer to someone’s ex-girlfriend/boyfriend etc.

Be mindful of the length of the toast

Remember you are not doing a stand up comedy act

It’s ok to shed a tear or show emotion (just don’t overdue it)

If you have had a few too many drinks pass the toast on to someone of sound mind

Don’t be afraid to use quotes of famous people (in good taste)

Relax… you are among friends

Lastly one that is near and dear to me: Don’t hide from your wedding coordinator and make him/her search the whole building for you.


Below are some helpful links for developing your toast: