Sunday, May 13, 2012

The "B" Word

Today we will be talking about the “B” word. Yes, to most the ugliest word you could ever speak when it comes to planning an event. When I mention this word there is a moment of silence followed by blank stares. The most common responses I receive when I make mention of the word in a simple question; “What is your budget?”
  • I am not sure 
  • We haven’t decided 
  • We need to get together with the parents 
  • We have no idea that’s why we came to you 
  • What do you think we should spend? 
  • We are just making it up as we go along 
  • We don’t have a budget 
Now the last answer is my favorite (“We don’t have a budget”) and when I say “we can do our best to keep this within six figures” then suddenly there is a budget. Budget budget budget, yes I said it budget. We are not buying a used car here; there is no need for the poker face when speaking with your event planner about the budget. In order to properly assist you with your event the budget is something that must be discussed. Your event planner is on your team. Everything you do in conjunction to planning an event is based on the budget. We cannot recommend venues, event professionals etcetera without knowing how much we are working with. Part of your enjoyment in hosting an event is being comfortable with what you are spending, and it is our job to make sure your happiness is achieved. Therefore when planning any event tackle this tough question in the beginning, as this will determine how many guests you should invite. Please remember to be realistic when determining the amount, as you cannot feed 200 people and include d├ęcor along with the necessary vendors on two thousand dollars. Embrace your budget don’t be afraid, and the next time you are asked the magical question you can say with confidence my budget is X$$.