Sunday, April 15, 2012

RSVP…What Happens If I Don’t?

We are continuing our series on RSVP and exploring a couple of common scenarios:

What happens if you do not RSVP and attend the wedding regardless? Not responding and for lack of better words crashing the party can cause an awkward situation for the host, caterer as well as yourself. Often weddings utilize a pre-planned seating chart and escort cards are prepared for those whom sent a favorable reply. Showing up without responding would mean your name would not be included, and the embarrassment will begin. This awkward situation will have to be dealt with by the coordinator, and if the choice was not to hire a coordinator the host will be disturbed to attend to this matter. Strict guidelines may be set forth, and you can be asked to leave the premises. If you are allowed into the function despite not sending a response there will be the awkwardness of which meal to serve you if there were multiple choices to select in advance. Favors, cake and all other wedding trinkets are purchased based on the same guest count, and there may not be enough for you.
What happens if you RSVP that you will attend and do not show?
The host will incur expenses for your food and beverage as well as other wedding goodies that will go unused. Now is that anyway to treat someone who thought enough of you to include you in their celebration? Emergencies do occur, however use good judgment in determining what constitutes as an emergency and handle notifying the host responsibly.

The art of a great planned event allows for a few of these situations, but what happens if the vast majority used the rude practice of not sending a reply? Hmm something to think about…

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jacksonville Fashion Week Bridal Runway Event

Jacksonville Fashion Week included its first ever Bridal Runway Event, and I had the pleasure of attending. The event took place at Epping Forest Yacht Club, a perfect place for weddings. An outdoor event was planned, and the set up was gorgeous. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans and the event was moved indoors. None the less the show must go on. Featured designers for this event were Heidi Elnora and Leona Bridesmaid. Both designers showed an awesome collection. Please see below some pictures of the event, keep in mind photography is not my calling, thus the reason I plan the events instead of capturing them. I enjoyed the show immensely, and am looking forward to next year.